Photo Restoration

Photo restoration and enhancement services

Old photographs can be highly sentimental and nostalgic. You may have old family photos that have been torn or damaged, or scratched or stained. Using modern, digital technology, we can fix such problems and restore photographs back to their former glory to preserve them forever. A brilliant way to evoke special memories! By ordering multiple copies, you can share them with your friends and family.

These older photographs are often very small in size, which means that a lot of the detail cannot be seen properly. People are frequently amazed at how much a photo can tell them once it has been restored and enlarged.

We typically fix the following issues:

  • Fading
  • Damage caused by framing
  • Stains and marks
  • Tears and creases
  • Adhesion to glass
  • Colour correction
  • Removing people and objects from photographs

The process is as follows. The customer brings us (or sends us) the relevant photo(s) in paper format, which we then scan. Alternatively, they can email us a digital image. All repair work is done to a digital copy via Photoshop, so the original is not altered or harmed in any way. The repaired image can then be printed off at whatever size the client wants on a range of different matt, gloss or satin photographic papers. Alternatively, we can simply email the photo to the client in digital format if they prefer to print it off themselves.

Don’t worry if your old photo is already in a frame. We are used to carefully removing old images from frames and handling them to ensure they are not damaged. Once scanned, we will put your photo back into its original frame if requested and reseal the back.

Once your old photo has been restored and brought back to life, we can go on to create personalised photo gifts. Having repaired photos for a customer, we often go on to mount and frame them. Once enlarged and framed you can have something very attractive and unique to hang on your wall. Alternatively, old photos can look fantastic as photo canvases. They can make great Birthday and Xmas presents.

People often have 35mm slides from the 1960s and 1970s. However their slide projectors may have been broken or mislaid. Even if the old equipment works, it can be slow and laborious to set up. We can now scan slides so people can have them on their computers or enlarged and printed as photo prints. As with old photos, any damage to the images on the slides can often be repaired. Please contact us directly for further details and prices.

We can display old family photos in Photo Books – a contemporary top-quality alternative to the traditional photo album. We can organise, annotate and print photos in an elegant book format with a hard cover and dust jacket. So a family’s cherished photo collection is displayed and preserved in one place. The individuals in the photos are identified and labelled, securing the past for the future.

Saintfield Picture Framing also creates Timeline Photo Books showing a life in photos from childhood through to the current day. This makes a bespoke “This is your Life” present to commemorate a big birthday or anniversary. Or if preferred, we can create a Timeline Photo Picture – where a collage of photos reflecting someone’s life is put together as a framed single picture.