Acrylic Frames and Acrylic Blocks

Perspex art is the latest way to display your photos and images. They give a fantastic contemporary look to your images.

We produce two types - Acrylic Sandwiches and Acrylic Blocks. Details of both types are given below. Your photo image is enlarged and printed onto high-grade glossy photo quality paper, which produces prints which are fade resistant for 75 years.

Acrylic Sandwiches

Your photo is sandwiched between two pieces of 5mm Acrylic. These Acrylic panels are fabricated from cast Acrylic sheet, which gives great optical clarity. All edges are polished.

The image can be edge-to-edge or placed to have a black or white border all round – whichever you prefer.

You can use two clear panels – however remember that if a border is left it will have the same colour as the wall behind it. Alternatively, you can use opaque white or black back panels, which also help to hide the hanging system behind. If an image has lots of white or light colours, a black panel may show through and darken the image. In such cases, a white panel may be better.

At each corner, Stand-Off bolts are inserted into pre-drilled holes and are tightened to secure the Acrylic panels together. These Stand-Offs are made from aluminium and are available in polished silver or polished black finishes. With these Stand-Offs inserted, your Acrylic picture will be positioned 2.5cm clear of your wall.

In addition, your finished Acrylic panel frame will be supplied with a spring-tensioned hanging system. This is specifically designed to allow an Acrylic panel frame to hang on a wall on normal picture hooks. Your frame will be supplied to you completely assembled and ready to hang.

Acrylic Blocks – free-standing

We also offer free-standing Acrylic Blocks - perfect for displaying photos on shelves or desks. These come in two sizes - 10"x8" and 8"x6". They are 20mm deep which enables them to stand alone unsupported. The face of the print is bonded to the back of a single Acrylic panel using super-clear double-sided mounting film. These really are a fantastic way of displaying your photos in a smaller size and make a very interesting alternative to the traditional small photo frame.

For details of available sizes and costs, please see below.

Wall-Mounted Free-Standing
Acrylic Panel Frame Small Acrylic Block
A3 £70.00 8 x 6 £23.50
16 x 20 £85.00 10 x 8 £32.50
20 x 24 £110.00    
24 x 31